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Welcome to North Lake Veterinary Clinic!


At North Lake Veterinary Clinic we strive to provide your trusted friend with not only the highest in quality care but with the compassion that draws one to the healing arts for animals since 1988.

We Strive to Provide Quality Care with Compassion

At North Lake Veterinary Clinic we strive to provide your trusted friend with the highest quality care with compassion that is unparalleled.

We would be honored for you to entrust your pets care to us. Together we can work with prevention strategies and, if needed, treatment protocols that will help ensure a long and loving relationship between you and your pet. Our staff is ready and eager to help you with the medical needs of your pet.

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Client Testimonials & Reviews

Our staff at North Lake Veterinary Clinic values feedback from our clients. Here is just a small sample of the hundreds of happy and healthy pets that we have cared for since 1988.

We love everyone at North Lake! They’re friendly + thorough. They welcome Miss Buttercup from the moment she arrives and comfort her until we leave.We have tried a number of clinics but something always seemed to be missing. We’re very happy we found the team at North Lake.🐶

Nicole I.

I have brought my pets to North Lake Veterinary Clinic for at least 25 years, and all my pets and myself have been treated with nothing but the utmost respect and care.  The intelligence and medical knowledge behind all the caregivers is so greatly appreciated, especially when a pet is ailing. There is trust and a great appreciation that wonderful care is being given.

Laurie R.

The doctors and technicians are so friendly here at North Lake. My family and I just got a puppy and when I took him there for his appointment I really appreciated the care and love they gave to my puppy. You always want to have a good experience the first time you go to a vet and we definitely had that. I highly recommend North Lake!

Michaela S.